Offender: Jeremy Johnson


2nd Degree Felony Murder

Armed Burglary

Armed Kidnapping

Location: Miami, Florida

Date: 05/18/08

Miami-Dade Police Department

CASE #:  PD080518242277

Status: Open

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CASE #:  PD080518242277

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Press Release:


TOPIC: Homicide

CASE #:  PD080518242277

DATE:   May 18th, 2008, at 8:30 a.m.

ADDRESS: 18555 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach, Fl. (Hotel)


NAME: Robert Sprueill

DOB:     W/M, 03/10/1970

ADDRESS: Phoenix, Arizona



NAME:  Not available at this time





NAME:   Unknown name or description at this time






Sunny Isles Beach Police uniformed officers responded to the scene regarding a call for service.  As they arrived, they discovered the body of a deceased male and two males with lacerations.  Both males were transported to area hospitals to receive medical treatment. 


Miami-Dade Police Department Homicide detectives were summoned to the scene and are currently investigating the incident.


Information regarding this case will be released as it becomes available.  We do not anticipate the release of any additional information today.  Please do not contact the MDPD Communications Shift Commander for updates. 


Anyone with information concerning this case is urged to contact CRIMESTOPPERS at (305) 471-TIPS



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May 19, 2008 ; 3:03 p.m.

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Miami homicide impacts Molokai

By Kate Gardiner

5/19/2008 11:28:33 AM


Robert Spruiell, locally known as Kamuela Kamakana was murdered in Miami Sunday morning. According to a press release from the Miami-Dade Police, Spruiell was found dead at the Golden Nugget Hotel alongside two men also “suffering lacerations.”

The men were transported to area hospitals for treatment. Miami-Dade Police Department public information officer Mario Rachid said one person was “mortally wounded by some sort of a sharp object.”

Spruiell owned Kamuela’s Ohana, d/b/a Paddlers’ Inn, one of the island’s two bars. Spruiell purchased Paddlers’ Inn in October.


Details of the situation are limited however a press release from Paddlers’ Inn is expected at 3 p.m. Keep watching Molokai for more information.

See story from CBS 4 Miami

Also see details and history from the Miami Herald 

Anyone with information concerning this case is urged to contact Miami-Dade CRIMESTOPPERS at (305) 471-TIPS



Details emerge in Sunny Isles hotel slaying

The man stabbed to death in Sunny Isles Beach was well-known in the controversial door-to-door selling market.

Posted on Tue, May. 20, 2008Digg AIM reprint print email



Robert Spruiell, an Arizona businessman whose door-to-door magazine sales companies had drawn a flurry of bad publicity, was stabbed to death in Sunny Isles Beach when he confronted a man he believed was trying to sell drugs to his sales people, police said.


Spruiell, 38, a father of three, died Sunday morning at about 8 a.m. outside Room 205 of the Golden Nugget hotel.


His associate, Jeremy Johnson, 22, of Sioux Falls, S.D., was hospitalized after the fight.


The third man in the fight, Jesus Cisneros, 42, has cooperated with Miami-Dade homicide detectives. No arrests had been announced as of Monday evening.


For years, the subscription-sales industry has come under fire for questionable business practices and allegations of mistreatment of ''agents'' -- usually teenagers and young adults -- hired as independent contractors to travel the nation selling subscriptions.


But his supporters say Spruiell unfairly got lumped in with shadier elements of an oft-derided industry.


''He was adamantly opposed to drug use, personally and by people associated with his companies,'' said his Oklahoma-based attorney, Cynthia Becker. ``He took a lot of pride in doing the right thing.''


About two weeks ago, Spruiell and his sales crew checked into the Golden Nugget, 18555 Collins Ave., from which they would fan out to neighborhoods to hawk subscriptions.


On Sunday morning, he and Johnson confronted Cisneros, the man he suspected of peddling drugs, inside Room 205.


Cisneros told police he grabbed a knife to defend himself and stabbed both men. Mortally wounded, Spruiell staggered to the walkway outside, collapsed and died. Johnson was hospitalized.


A former U.S. Navy sailor who fought in the first Gulf War, Spruiell -- whose mother is Hawaiian -- also owned the only bar on the small island of Molokai.


His Hawaiian name was Kamuela Kamakana. Called the Paddler's Inn, the restaurant and bar employs 43 people on an island of 7,000.


''We don't make a lot of money, but we're just here for the community. He is going to be missed here,'' said restaurant administrator Alicia Montemayor.




In the magazine subscription industry, Spruiell leaves a mixed legacy. He ran nearly a dozen companies in Arizona, which recruit young people with the promise of business experience and travel.


Brian Hooley, an employee at Prestige Sales in Phoenix, said of Spruiell, ``He was one of the best people I've ever known.''


At Prestige, $1,000 bonuses are paid for reaching certain goals. Another of his companies, Integrity Sales, shows a photo of teens on a white-water rafting trip in Colorado. Supporters say the experiences are fun and hone business savvy.


Critics say young people, many of them runaways, are paid little and forced to work under grueling conditions.


Better Business Bureaus have also taken exception to industry practices -- including salespeople claiming to be earning money for student trips or that magazines will be sent to troops overseas.


Spruiell's ex-wife, Karleen Hillery, and her former business associate, Jonathan Tork, have earned notoriety in the industry.


Seven young people from one of her companies, Youth Employment Services, were killed in a 1999 traffic wreck. She later settled a multimillion dollar suit with the state.


Spruiell met, married and divorced her after the accident.


The wreck, however, spurred outrage. Phil Ellenbecker, whose teenage daughter Malinda Turvey was a sales agent and died that day, has run a website for nine years dedicated to exposing the industry.


''They're pulling in inner-city kids from broken homes, and a lot of these kids are innocent,'' Ellenbecker said. ``They have no idea what they're getting into.''


Spruiell's supporters say he had worked to distance the companies from his ex-wife and Tork, who was once fined $50,000 by the federal government for giving out fake subscription receipts.




Ellen Buckley, director of the National Field Selling Association, said, ``He worked every day of his life. He would never allow anything bad to happen to his agents.''


Still, negative press followed Spruiell.


In December, two subscription sellers associated with Integrity Program LLC -- Travis Rowley, 23, and Michael Lee, 21 -- were charged with murdering an elderly couple in Albuquerque, N.M. The husband was bludgeoned to death, his wife raped and suffocated.


A few weeks later, detectives in Claremont, Calif., arrested another company contractor, Corey Finley, 21, for allegedly raping a woman.


Spruiell took pains to conduct background searches, his friends said.


Still, spurred by the deaths, the city of Albuquerque sued Spruiell's company for operating without proper permits. Spruiell was not in New Mexico when the contractors were arrested.


''Brutal murders -- a very ugly situation,'' said Assistant City Attorney Peter Pierotti, who had just questioned Spruiell in a deposition three weeks ago.


Kate Gardiner of The Molokai Times contributed to this report.



Pictures Here:

Captions under pics

Scene of Robert Spruiell murder on Sunday.

Murder suspects Travis Rowley (left) and Mike Lee.

Delsa McCracken.

Assistant city attorney Greg Wheeler


Employer of murder suspects killed in stabbing

Posted: May 21, 2008 02:18 AM CDT

Scene of Robert Spruiell murder on Sunday.

Murder suspects Travis Rowley (left) and Mike Lee.

Delsa McCracken.



Assistant city attorney Greg Wheeler


ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - The owner of the magazine-sales company that employed two men charged with killing an Albuquerque company has himself become the victim of murder.


The death of Robert Spruiell will change the lawsuit the city of Albuquerque filed against his company, according to assistant city attorney Greg Wheeler.  The suit can still proceed against his estate and his company, Integrity Program LLC, he said.


"Shock and surprise, I can say after 15 years in the practice of law I've never had a case where a party was murdered in the middle of a litigation," Wheeler added.


Spruiell's company sold magazine subscriptions door-to-door and hired two salesmen who later allegedly murdered an elderly couple--Tak and Pung Yi--in their northeast Albuquerque home.


Doors are shut a little tighter on Avenida la Costa NE these days, and Delsa McCracken, one of the Yis' neighbors, told KRQE News 13 things haven't been the same.


"She was a good, good lady, and he was a good man," McCracken said.  "I just don't even like to think about it."


Travis Rowley and Mike Lee where soon charged in the brutal slayings.  Both remained jailed pending their trials.


McCracken, 85, said she now double checks that her doors are locked.


"You bet I do," she said.  "All the time."


The murder case shone a light on Integrity Program LLC and its operations which have been under a cloud of controversy in several states.


"They didn't have permits," Wheeler said.  "They didn't have tax numbers, which means they weren't paying taxes here.


"They weren't registered with the state or registered with the city."


Out of the killings came a bill before the Albuquerque city council would tighten controls on door-to-door sales.  It would let homeowners put themselves on a no-knock list, and a salesman who came to their door anyway could be arrested.


And the city of Albuquerque is, or was, suing Spruiell who was murdered near Miami, Fla., on Sunday.


Police in Florida reported Spruiell, 38, confronted a man he believed was trying to sell drugs to his sales people.  He was stabbed to death in the confrontation.


Wheeler said the city still plans to follow the money and will amend the civil suit to go after Spruiell's estate.


They're trying to set an example that shifty and shady sales people are not welcome in Albuquerque.


KRQE | Reporter:  Kim Holland | Web Producer:  Bill Diven



Arrest made in murder of Paddlers' Inn owner

By Kate Gardiner

5/21/2008 2:25:17 AM

Molokai News : Crime




Suspect charged with murder, burglary, kidnapping


Paddlers’ Inn owner Robert Spruiell, 38, was stabbed to death Sunday morning in Miami. Charged with the crime, second-degree felony murder, is 22 year-old Jeremy Johnson, one of Spruiell’s employees.


Spruiell owned and operated many businesses on the mainland from Phoenix, Ariz., including a door-to-door magazine sales business. He and his magazine sales crew were staying in Miami for two weeks, apparently selling magazines for Integrity Sales, Inc.


According to the Miami Herald, Spruiell and Johnson confronted a man they believed was trying to sell drugs to Spruiell’s sales people. The two entered room 205 of the Golden Nugget Hotel, 18555 Collins Ave., and confronted Jesus Cisneros, 42.


Cisneros told police he grabbed a knife for self-defense and stabbed both men. Spruiell was dead at the scene.

Johnson was arrested at Aventura Hospital after treatment for his stab wounds. He was also charged with burglary and kidnapping.


Magazine sales businesses, including many of those belonging to Spruiell, his ex-wife and his former business partner Jonathan Tork, have drawn media attention for everything from the treatment of employees to the criminal behavior of those employees, most of whom are independent contractors.


According to the Herald, two subscription sellers associated with one of Spruiell’s companies, Integrity Program LLC, Travis Rowley, 23, and Michael Lee, 21, were charged with murdering a couple in Albuquerque, N.M.


According to the Albuquerque Tribune, Tak Yi, 79, and wife Pung Yi, 69, were found Dec. 4 at home. Yi was bludgeoned to death; his wife was raped and suffocated.


Another Integrity contractor, Corey Finley, 21, was arrested a few weeks later in Claremont, Calif. for allegedly raping a woman.


The Herald quotes the director of the National Field Selling Association, Ellen Buckley, “He worked every day of his life. He would never allow anything bad to happen to his agents.”


Those who knew Spruiell, or Kamuela Kamakana, as he was known on the island, were saddened by the loss. Most remembered him as an easy-going man with a strong business sense and big ideas including franchising the restaurant.


Immediate changes included a popular tri-weekly poker tournament and a grand prize sending the winner to Las Vegas. Paddlers’ Inn has black ribbons over the doorway, but was operating as usual on Tuesday afternoon.


Employees of Paddlers’ Inn said the business will continue to operate as usual.


See story from CBS 4 Miami


Also see details and history from the Miami Herald


Posted on Wed, May. 21, 2008

Co-worker charged in Sunny Isles hotel slaying


A traveling magazine salesman was charged Tuesday with felony murder because his co-worker was stabbed to death during a brawl that started when the two stormed the room of a Sunny Isles Beach hotel guest.

Jeremy Johnson, 22, was charged with second-degree felony murder, armed occupied burglary and kidnapping with a weapon.


Police say he and co-worker Robert Spruiell, 37, traveling magazine salesmen from Prestige Sales in Arizona, broke into room 205 of the Golden Nugget hotel to confront Jesus Cisneros on Sunday morning.


They believed Cisneros was selling drugs to other of their ''agents,'' young men and women who travel the country hawking subscriptions.


Spruiell, a father of three who runs nearly a dozen magazine subscription companies based in Arizona, was stabbed to death in the fight.


In Florida, someone who commits certain felonies -- in this case kidnapping and burglary -- that result in a death can be held on a murder charge.


Cisneros, who said he acted in self-defense, cooperated with police and has not been charged.


Johnson, of Sioux Falls, S.D., armed himself with a knife during the fight, too, police said.


He also was wounded and taken to Aventura Hospital.


On Tuesday, he was booked into Miami-Dade County Jail.


Spruiell, Johnson and a group of agents had been at the Golden Nugget hotel, 18555 Collins Ave., for two weeks during a magazine sales trip.


Spruiell had received a bout of bad press in recent months after three subscription sellers -- independent contractors working with one of his companies -- were arrested on murder and rape charges in New Mexico and California.


Paddlers Inn Owner Slain in Florida


Filed Under: Announcements

Local employees still reeling from the loss.



Paddlers Inn owner Robert Spruiell, known on Molokai as Kamuela Kamakana, hoped to eventually call the Friendly Isle home.



Robert Spruiell, owner of Paddlers Inn in Kaunakakai, was found dead with stab wounds this past Saturday in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida during an altercation at the Golden Nugget Hotel. The incident left two other men injured.


According to a Paddlers spokesperson, an employee of Spruiell’s mainland magazine sales business had asked the owner for help confronting a suspected drug dealer. The spokesperson said Spruiell was stabbed along with other individuals.


On Molokai, Spruiell went by his family name, Kamuela Kamakana. And it is the Friendly Isle’s sense of family that led Spruiell to buy Paddlers Inn eight months ago.


“I really want it to be more like a family oriented place where families can enjoy their meals together,” said Spruiell in an interview this past January.


Five years ago, Spruiell was visiting Maui when he decided to catch the Molokai Ferry and see the island for the first time. He said he felt an emotional connection with Molokai and bought property after just one day of visiting.


“His own words were that he loved Molokai so much that he wanted to make Molokai his home,” said Paddlers Manager Alisha Montemayor. She added that his last wishes were for his ashes to be spread on-island.


Spruiell’s mother, Haunani Kamakana, is a Molokai girl, who lives in Washington State. He said he had planned to move her back to the island after getting himself settled.


Representatives from Kamuela Estates, Inc. have said business at Paddlers Inn to continue on as usual.






Salesman's death in Miami felt in Hawaii


The death of salesman Robert Spruiell in Miami-Dade has sent shock waves on a rural Hawaiian island going through tough economic times.



Miami Herald

Posted on Sun, Jun. 08, 2008


In the coming weeks, Robert Spruiell's family will spread his ashes on a nine-acre piece of earth where he hoped to retire. The land sits atop a hill, its back to the Kamalo mountains, the rest a stunning view of four Hawaiian islands.

This is Molokai.


Spruiell traced his heritage to this 260-square-mile island of only 7,500 people, mostly native Hawaiians, who pride themselves on living more like their ancestors than the over-Americanized isles.


Along the way, he bought the Paddlers Inn Restaurant and Bar, a vital employer and the island's sole night spot.


But a trip to South Florida marred his quest to reconnect with his Hawaiian roots.


Spruiell, the owner of various door-to-door magazine subscription sales companies in Arizona, was killed May 18 at the Golden Nugget Hotel, 18555 Collins Ave.


He and another employee, Jeremy Johnson, 22, had gone to confront a guest who they believed had been selling drugs to their salespeople staying in the hotel.




In the confrontation, Jesus Cisneros, 42, stabbed Spruiell to death and slashed Johnson about seven times.


Because Spruiell and Johnson committed kidnapping and occupied burglary by breaking into Cisneros' room, police say, Johnson is being held responsible for the death.


He is charged with second-degree felony murder. His arraignment in Miami-Dade Circuit Court is Tuesday. He had pleaded not guilty.


Spruiell's story, by all accounts, spanned the globe.


His father, a U.S. Navy seaman, met his wife while stationed on the islands. She hailed from the large and well-known Kamakana clan of Molokai. Her father, Henry Kamakana Sr., was a renowned pro tennis player.


Spruiell grew up in Washington state and spent summers in Hawaii.


''As he grew up, Hawaiian family was around all the time. He had a lot of respect for the Hawaiian culture,'' said his father, Bob Spruiell Sr.


Spruiell also served in the U.S. Navy during the first Gulf War. An Arizona resident, he later owned a series of door-to-door sales companies, traveling the country overseeing young people selling magazine subscriptions.


While the industry brought bad publicity -- his company was sued this year by Albuquerque, N.M., after two associated salespeople were charged with murder -- he found refuge in Hawaii.


Four years ago, Spruiell returned to Hawaii to visit family. As he hit middle age, his interest in his island roots grew, said his 54-year-old uncle, Pete Gonsalves.


Gonsalves decribed island life and its people this way: ``The ocean is the ice box, the mountain is where they get substance from deer and pig. Molokai is a self-sustaining place and that's why a lot of people are able to get by.''


Though much of his family lived in Oahu, Spruiell visited Molokai to visit remaining members and fell for the island's traditional style.


After just one day, he bought the land where he hoped to build his retirement home. He also hoped to bring his Molokai-native mother, Haunani Kamakana, to live with him there.


''He wanted to give back to his Hawaiian heritage, be part of the community,'' Gonsalves said.


Molokai is a unique place.


The fish-shaped island, smack center in the island chain, boasts spectacular sea cliffs, lush rain forests and a twin-tiered waterfall called Moaula Falls.


It was also home to Kalaupapa, a historic former colony for people suffering from leprosy, or Hansens' disease.


Molokai is sparesly populated. Known as ''the most Hawaiian island,'' Molokai does not draw the honeymooners and vacationers like the islands of Oahu and Maui.


''The people here don't want to be like the rest of the islands. We've been fighting development for 30 years,'' said well-known Molokai activist Walter Ritte. ``All the islands have been developed to a high extent. This is the only island that hasn't been developed. It's really rural -- that is by design.''


But these days, the island has been in tumult.


The Molokai Ranch, which owns 66,000 acres, or a third of the island, was thwarted in an attempt to build luxury homes. So it closed its cattle and resort businesses, including a lodge, bungalows, a golf course and a movie theater.


More than 100 workers lost their jobs. Last week, the ranch sounded alarms by announcing it would stop water and sewer services, affecting some 1,200 customers.




With this troubled atmosphere as a backdrop, Spruiell -- whose Hawaiian name is Kamuela Kamakana -- had hoped to make a difference last October with the purchase of the Paddlers.


A novice in the restaurant business, he had revamped the kitchen, upgraded the sound system, and added live concerts and poker and movie nights.


''We don't make a lot of money, but we're just here for the community. He is going to be missed here,'' restaurant administrator Alicia Montemayor said after his death.


Molokai Ranch closed, the Paddlers is now the only place to serve a social hub after hours. It also employs 43 people, not an insignificant number on an island where the unemployment is now hovering about 10 percent.


''Every little thing now becomes a big thing. Every job counts. Not only that, it's a good place for people to let out their frustrations, to eat and to have a good time. Somewhere to go in the evening,'' said activist Ritte.


For now, Paddlers will continue to operate as usual, his family said.


The Paddlers website, in his honor, put up a slide show of photos taken during Spruiell's April visit.


By month's end, family members will take a ferry to Molokai, to his property in the Kamalo mountains, to spread his ashes.


Later, Gonsalves and a friend, Kanalu Young, a professor at the University of Hawaii, will compose prayers and bless the land.


And in the coming weeks, a probate court in Arizona, where Spruiell lived, will look at his properties and businesses to figure out how they will be distributed among his heirs. After that, no one is quite sure what will happen to the Paddlers.


''The family wants the restaurant to succeed,'' Bob Spruiell Sr. said.


Kate Gardiner of The Molokai Times contributed to this report.









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