On March 25, 1999 seven young kids were killed and five more were maimed for life in a vehicular homicide van rollover near Janesville, Wisconsin: http://www.magazinesalescrews.com/janesville_van_crash.html My only daughter Malinda died that night from a cracked skull and a ripped open liver. She bled to death on a cold cement highway without anyone to comfort or hold her as she lay dying. Malinda was only 18-years-old.

Six other young kids also died that night: Peter Christman, Cory Hanson, Amber Marie Lettman, Crystal Faith McDaniel, Marshall Lee Roberts and Joseph Wild. Five young kids were maimed for life: Monica Forgues, Shawn Kelly, Nicole McDougal, Craig Fechter, Kaila Gillock. Craig Fechter’s face was ripped apart, Shawn Kelly had multiple life threatening injuries and now has a metal plate in his head, Nicole McDougal has permenant brain damage, and Monica Forgues (our poster child) was paralyzed from the neck down. The Interstate highway was closed down for over 5 hours. Five med-flight helicopters were dispatched and there were over a dozen EMS and rescue teams called in to aid the victims. It was and still is the most horrific vehicular homicide in the state of Wisconsin.


We are going to tell you a story about the exploitation and the crime.

And the story is going to BLOW YOUR MIND !!!!


We will start with the cold hard facts:
The DMPG has documented 101 deaths and over 450 felony cases
Has 3 unsolved Murders and 6 Unsolved rape cases.
The DMPG documented history of the 'traveling door-to-door sales' Industry
Spans over 85 years of horrific crimes:
Make No Mistake: This is pure and simple organized crime for profit: exploitation, human trafficking, fraud,
sexual assault, rape, murder, and vehicular homicide.
DMPG Criminal Chronology
January 2007 - May 2011
Chronology 2007 - 2011
DMPG Criminal Chronology
July 2005 - December 2006
Chronology 2005 - 2006
DMPG Criminal Chronology
1982 - 2005
Chronology 1982 - 2005

It Is Time For The United States Government To BAN ALL Door-To-Door Sales !!!

Between 1999 and 2006, 17 magazine sales agents working in crews around the country were killed in traffic accidents, in some cases resulting in convictions of vehicular homicide and manslaughter, as well as careless driving and homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle.In the first seven months of 2008, 23 agents or managers — some of whom were previous offenders — have been charged with the following:
• Second degree murder
• Second degree attempted murder
• Sexual battery by restraint
• Assault and battery on a police officer
• Attempted rape
• False imprisonment
• Possession and delivery of a controlled substance
• Identity theft
• Child labor law violations
• Forgery
• Breaking and entering
• Simple assault
• Sales fraud
• Vehicle theft
• Felony trespass

No discussion of this industry is complete without mentioning the work of Phil Ellenbecker, whose 18-year-old daughter was killed in the 1999 Wisconsin van wreck. Quite simply, Ellenbecker, who lives in Wisconsin, believes the industry murdered his daughter.

Ellenbecker founded the Dedicated Memorial Parents Group and runs its Web site, www.magazinesalescrews.com. He has demanded tighter regulations from legislators, the National Field Selling Association, the Magazine Publishers Association and company owners themselves. His Web site contains information relating to more than 300 felony cases within the industry since the 1980s. It is a catalog of grief — so much so that NFSA President Vinnie Pitts has said, "It's so negative, I don't like to look at it."

Ellenbecker's vitriol toward the industry sometimes gets the best of him. In 2006, he called Nina Link, president of the Magazine Publishers Association, at her home, to tell her about the latest death of a sales agent. When Link hung up on him, he fired an e-mail to Chris Nolan, the MPA's general counsel, which read in part, "Next time I call, tell her to listen to what I have to say! Tell her from me not to hang up. I have been very patient with all of you. Don't over extend your expectations of what will happen next." Ellenbecker received a visit by FBI agents shortly thereafter.

Somewhat scary outbursts aside, Ellenbecker's coverage of the industry is invaluable, and this story could not have been done without the help of his research.

By Craig Malisow
Houston Press
Houston, Texas

Houston Press: What Mainstream Publishers Don't Want You to Know About Door-to-Door Magazine Sales
That kid at your door with a magazine order form will tell you a story --
part sad, part hopeful. The truth will be infinitely worse than you can imagine.
What Mainstream Publishers Don't Want You to Know About Door-to-Door Magazine Sales
By Craig Malisow
Houston Press

A brief summary of the crimes against humanity will expose
the National Field Selling Association, and the Magazine Publishers of America,
Door-to-Door Sales Media Coverage:

This list represents less than 1% of the data stored on our Websites and data bases.
For detailed information, including complete articles, police report case numbers,
criminal complaints, criminal convictions, civil and AG lawsuits
Please contact the DMPG WebMaster

Note: The Dedicated Memorial Parents Group collects information from various sources:
police reports, court documents, media articles, and secretary of state websites.
The DMPG is not responsible for inaccurate data in any of the above sources of information.
Various company websites change over a period of time. Information and Links also change.
The DMPG cannot control this and for this reason cannot guarantee 100% accuracty of data.
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“These schemes are nothing short of theft of the labor and the wages of hundreds, if not thousands, of young people.” – Robert Abrams, former Attorney General of New York.

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A teenage girl living in Bisbee, Arizona was sexually assaulted by a traveling door-to-door magazine salesman

Four young kids working for LTP Inc, a traveling magazine sales crew were killed in a van rollover in Idaho

Idaho Falls police arrested a traveling door-to-door cleaner salesman after police said he raped a woman at her home

Salesman gets 5-year term for stealing from customers

Jail term for sex assault of girl

Ronald E. Kemp a traveling magazine sales agent sexually assaulted a 13 year old girl in Omaha, Nebraska

Patrick M. Schneider, a traveling door-to-door magazine salesman raped a Sycamore, Illinois woman

Arvis Lamon Spain employed by Paragon Sales Inc. aka: Midwest Clearing Inc. raped a Anne Arundel County, Maryland woman

Wesley Williams employed by Sunshine Subscription Agency aka: Palmetto Marketing, Inc. was arrested for the sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl in Bradenton, Florida

Richard Craig McNew, a convicted felon from St. Louis selling magazine subscriptions for Overachiever is sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for raping and killing a 90-year-old Lafayette woman in her home in 2005.

A 78 year old woman in Texas is raped and set on fire by Daniel Deshawn Neal a traveling door-to-door magazine salesman working for a Washington, D.C.-based company called U.D. Management

A 24-year-old traveling magazine salesman from Pennsylvania is facing seven to 18 years in prison after pleading guilty to manslaughter. Robert J. Hines admitted he was one of two men who stomped Daniel Willis, 40, to death Dec. 6 2009.

Magazine salesman arrested on sexual abuse, harassment charges

Magazine salesman gets 30 years for Ore. rape

Traveling salesman admits stomping Tucson man to death

Salesman charged with sex assault

Magazine Salesman, 23, Arrested for Sexual Battery by Sodomy of Teenage Girl, 13

Woman beaten; Magazine salesman arrested, A magazine salesman was arrested for allegedly barging into a woman's home, beating and attempting to rape her.

Victim identified in Saratoga County skull case, Jennifer Hammond was last seen in the latter part of August 2003, soliciting magazines in the Creek and Pines Trailer Park, Ballston Spa, New York. The skull found in Saratoga County has been identified as Hammond.

Magazine seller jailed in Novato sex assault

Door-to-Door Magazine Salesman Rapes 22-year-old Claremont Woman

Peddler gets 18 years for rape, Door-to-door magazine sales was entry to victim's house

Second-degree rape, second-degree sexual offense, first-degree kidnapping and sexual battery

On November 26, 2006 Tracy Onawa Jones age 19 a traveling magazine saleswoman, working for Atlantic Circulations, Inc. was found beaten and stabbed to death in Memphis Tennessee.

Traveling Door-to-Door Magazine Salesman Brandon Lee Green Employed by: Gemini Subscriptions, Inc. aka: Sunshine Subscription Agency, Inc. aka: Palmetto Marketing, Inc. Brutally beats and rapes a 50 year-old Menomonie, Wisconsin woman.

Traveling Door-to-Door Magazine Salesman Edward M. Irving

Employed by: Rainbow Sales, aka: American Community Services, Inc.

attacks an 84-Year-old Centennial, Colorado woman in her home.

Irving is charged with Attempted Murder, Burglary Assault.

Azriel Rashad Bridge a traveling magazine salesman working for American Community Services murders 77-year-old Shirley Reuter in her Dover Township home.

Man charged with murder in magazine saleswoman's death

Deaths nothing new for sales crews

Multiple offender Michael Roland Poissant employed by Palmetto Marketing Inc. rapes a 12-year-old Lancaster girl while selling magazines door-to-door.
Magazine salesman convicted of assault

Two young Douglas County Colorado girls ages 12 and 13 are sexually assaulted by traveling magazine salesmen Dwayne Taylor and Maurice Rogers. Taylor and Rogers were employed by American Connunity Services

Five Traveling Door To Door Magazine Salesmen Brutally Beat Brett D. King To Death.

Matthew J. Maxson a traveling magazine salesman employed by Palmetto Marketing Inc. murders 54 year old Diana Cooper in Fulton, New York.

Seven Young Kids Killed And Five Maimed For Life

Salesman, 21, charged in rape of 67-year-old

On March 8, 1978 Donald Eric Armstrong raped and murdered 16 year-old Linda Bright while she was selling magazine subscriptions.

Justices uphold death sentence in rape-murder

Trial Begins In Wisconsin Boy's Slaying

Slaves To The Sale

Van Overturns on I-80 in Iowa; Five People Killed, Six Injured

2 sentences given in rape on north side, A door-to-door magazine salesman who raped and cut the throat of a prospective customer pleaded guilty Friday to charges of attempted capital murder and sexual assault. In exchange for two 50-year prison terms. William Mark LaFranchi, 20, will be allowed to serve the two 50-year sentences concurrently.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Robs Woman in Her Home, Magazine Salesman Forces His Way In, Beats, Gags and Binds Victim

Door-to-Door Sales Criminal Flow Chart

We will now begin our story of an industry and a breed of greedy and evil human beings
that are responsible for criminal acts against innocent human beings, pain and sorrow beyond your wildest imagination.
We will name the companies, the individuals, the trade groups, the names of the publishers and clearinghouses.
We will expose them as the EVIL CRIMINAL MONSTERS that they are.
And after we have told you this sad sad story - you will NEVER AGAIN open your door to a Door-to-Door Salesman.
And you will NEVER AGAIN in your lifetime buy a magazine or cleaner product from this immoral and criminal industry.

In the beginning there was Prostitution and DEATH and GREED for wealth. And there were traveling door-to-door sales companies,
and the Magazine Publishers of America and the National Field Selling Association.
And their GREED was excessive and compelled by profit from the weak and the naive and the innocent.
And they raped and they murdered and they butchered innocent children so that they could feed on steak and lobster.
So that they could teach their children how to be blood-sucking vampires and destroy all that is holy.
And their eyes of pure evil would roll over in pleasure as they tormented and tortured the naive and the innocent.

When I think about my daughter Malinda and how she was murdered by the MPA and the NFSA
I feel a deep and everlasting love and a beautiful angel.
And when I think about the NFSA and the MPA I feel absolute hate for the greedy monsters
that exploit and kill innocent children for profit.
My everlasting love for my daughter Malinda will not be poisoned by the the lies of the NFSA or the MPA.
But my promise to Malinda will be kept.
On her day of burial I kissed my beautiful daughter Malinda one last time
And on that day I whispered in her living soul a promise that will be kept.
I am going to destroy the door-to-door sales industry and I am going to make sure
that the victims of this vicious, immoral, and criminal industry get justice.
And I am going to make sure that the officers, managers, owners, of the NFSA and the MPA
Are locked up in federal penitentiaries for the rest of their miserable worthless lives
for crimes against humanity.

For a parent to bury their own child is the most painful and devastating experience that can possibly be imagined.
My revenge is PURE !!!

And YOU are running out of time !!!

On March 25, 1999 at 10:00 am in the morning my eyes filled with tears, my body went into uncontrollable convulsions,
and my heart sank into a bitter pit of hell and pain.
It was on this day that a knock at my door became the most overwhelming and devastating moment of my entire life.
It was on this day that my boss knocked at my door, entered my office, and closed the door behind him.
With the only words that he could find to say, he told me that the coroner was in the conference room and that my daughter Malinda
was in a massive van crash.
He then told me that I needed to go with the coroner to identify the bodies.
I asked him if Malinda was ok. These were the last words that I spoke because the answer stopped my heart and ripped my living soul from my body.
He told me that they had identified Malinda by her Wisconsin ID.
The words that I heard that day have echoed in my mind and tormented my soul ever since.
It is out of this grief that I have found a way to honor and pay tribute to my daughter Malinda and the other children who suffered and died.
They will be mourned, they will be missed, and they will be loved, but above all they must be remembered.

I dedicate this memorial site to the children who have perished, to the children who have suffered, to the parents who have wept, and to all of the friends and families who have lost these precious children.

May God bless and watch over our children, our families, and our friends and may he give us the strength to find comfort in knowing that our children did not die in vain.

Phil Ellenbecker
June 10, 2000

News reports about serious problems with traveling door-to-door sales crews have been surfacing in the press for over 20 years.

By now nearly everyone has seen or heard some sort of bad news about these crews. Despite these reports, nothing has been done to regulate this industry in spite of two U. S. Congressional hearings and an outrageous, continuous outpouring of fresh stories of injuries and deaths of young salespeople.

We believe that part of the problem is the fragmented nature of the news stories, for these incidents occur randomly all over the United States because the jobs are travel jobs. There is, in fact, an order to these events--a pattern, a source. We are hereby correcting the problem of random information.

This site is dedicated to the archiving of news stories, convictions, and judgments in this sector of the door-to-door sales industry for perusal by the general public. We feel that the public has a right to know that these events have either happened in their state, or are likely to happen there in the future.

We feel that the public, by researching a particular interest on this website, will be able to readily see what the story is and what needs to be done. Most important, the public will be better able to protect its young people and keep them from falling prey to unscrupulous fly-by-night operators who make their living by trolling communities in search of a naive work force.

The news stories on this site will also demonstrate a disturbing trend in this industry: as the public has become better informed, the crew bosses have had more trouble recruiting through their usual medium of newspaper ads. They have turned to recruiting in malls, at teen events, on the street by pamphlet, and while selling door-to-door. Because hiring has become more difficult, more dangerous people are ending up on crews where they sometimes hurt innocent sales people as well as potential customers. This trend to increased violence will continue until something concrete is done.

We need new laws in place, both state and federal.

As you move through this information center we hope you will think of someone important who needs to know more about this. Feel free to forward any material to government or law enforcement or media and schools that you think will be beneficial. We only ask that you identify us as your source of the archived information.

If you have found this site because you have been injured while employed in this industry, or because there has been a news-worthy event in your community, please let us know and help us track the information down so that we may record it here.

It is a shameful thing that our government has chosen to ignore the plight of young, traveling door-to-door sales people for over two decades now.

It is beyond sadness for us, 'a parents' group whose children were victims, to think that if something had been done long ago when the first stories arose in the press, that our children, who were infants in their cribs at the time, would still be alive.

Dedicated Memorial Parents Group
March 11, 2002

to be continued ...